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Just thoughts.

The end of this month will be 19 years since I left Orange County, California, for Florida. I arrived here on 1 July 2000. My then wife of almost two years and I packed all our stuff into the front end of an ABF “U-Pack” 18-wheeler and I left everything I knew behind, apparently “for love.”

There are still major parts of me that feel it was the biggest mistake I ever made. There were many ministry opportunities that I left behind. I ran into a hasty marriage that I found I was totally unprepared for. I’m surprised it lasted 9½ years—there was no way it should have lasted that long, no way I should have been able to adopt a son a few years later, before I was finally dumped by an email and walked away from it all over again. My now ex-father-in-law was very right when he confronted me one night and said I never wanted to stand up and face my own issues, that I was more willing to run away than stand my ground.

A little over a year after the divorce was finalized, Vond…

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